Decay Tables

Produced at the Best NDT facilities in Canada and Europe, Best NDT sources have set the standard for efficient use in GammaMat and other brands of test equipment.  For over 20 years, this department has specialized in the fabrication of standard and custom radioactive sources for its clients.

Source Source Capsule Half-Life Camera/Device
Iridium-192 High purity iridium > 99.9% Welded stainless steel (AISI 316L) 73.831 days GammaMat TSI
GammaMat M6
GammaMat M18
Selenium-75 Se-75 Double (inner vanadium capsule – outer stainless steel capsule) 119.8 days GammaMat SE Type A
GammaMat SE Type B(U)
GammaMat M6
GammaMat M18
Cobalt-60 Nickel-plated cobalt Welded stainless steel (AISI 316L) 5.27 years GammaMat TK 30*
GammaMat TK 100*
GammaMat TK 1000*
*GammaMat TK cameras are no longer available for sale

*GammaMat TK cameras are no longer available for sale

Regulation Conformance
All Best NDT sealed sources conform to the Regulations for Safe Transport & Radioactive Material 1996 Edition (as revised in 2000) from the International Atomic Energy Association, to the International Standard Organization recommendations ISO 2919:1999 (test performed by the Laboratoire National d’Essais – Trappes – France) and the French NF M 61-002”1984 (AFNOR) standards.

Quality Control
All sources are tested for leakage and contamination; each source is washed in three consecutive ultrasonic baths and the final bath, they are assessed for activity, which must be less than 185 Bq (5 nanocuries).  Our activity measurement chambers have been calibrated by the official and independent Département analyses Metrologiques des Rayonnements Ionisants – Laboratoire de Metrologies des Rayonnements Ionisants (Gif-sure-Yvette – France).  They are controlled on a regular basis by means of sources calibrated by the Laboratoire de Metrologie des Rayonnements Ionisants.

Labelling and Certification
Source capsules are identified by a serial number.  Each source is labelled with the radioactivity symbol and the chemical symbol of the isotope.  Each capsule is shipped with full technical documentation.

All Best NDT sealed sources are delivered with a certificate stating the main specifications, including source activity, production and calibration dates, a decay table in GBq and the results of the leakage and non-contamination tests.

Global Reach
Best NDT sources are reliably supplied to over 40 countries worldwide, expediting over 6,000 deliveries each year.

Dependable Supply
Direct access to several Canadian and European reactors assures irradiation, made to client specifications, and a dependable, uninterrupted supply.  Production centres in Canada and Europe ensure complete market coverage and fast, reliable customer service.

Rapid Order Expedition
Best NDT uses a fully automated information system to follow up customer orders from the time that they reach the order desk, through production and quality control, right up until the time of delivery.  We manage all of the logistics including daily transportation from our production facilities to our customers.  We provide shipping documents and provide daily transportation between the airports and our production site.  All this explains how we can guarantee rapid, reliable delivery.

Managing Decayed Waste
With Best NDT, there is no need to take unnecessary risks in warehousing decayed sources.  Our sites in Canada and Europe are fully equipped and organized to take care of customer’s decayed sources for them.